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We know that when it comes to your hair stylist, it matters who you choose. You want someone that you have chemistry with, who understands what you’re looking for and can consistently deliver. You want someone that you feel comfortable asking for touch-ups when they’re needed. You want someone that can offer helpful suggestions because they are passionate about what they do.

At Muse Hair Design, we provide a collaborative approach for our neighbors in Ridgefield. We know that your hair is an investment in how you look and feel, and our commitment is to be the best Ridgefield hair design team for you. Take a look at some of our styles on this site to see if we’d be a good fit, and reach out if you have any questions.

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Muse Hair Design is a hair design studio

Go Beyond a Haircut with Muse Hair Design

Have you fallen into a rut when it comes to your hairstyle? Or do you have a special occasion where you know it’s essential that you look and feel your best? Do you want to look in the mirror and know that your hair looks great? That’s where Muse Hair Design comes in to help. At our hair design salon near Ridgefield, we take a team approach to hair styling to arrive at a creative new look that really complements and accentuates who you are. If you’re ready to look and feel your best, we’d love to meet you. Give us a call today.

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions – Proudly Using Invisible Bead Extensions®

At Muse Hair Design, we are exclusively trained in the use of Invisible Bead Extensions®. Why IBE? Because not only it is the #1 requested method it was also created to solve 3 major problems encountered with the different types of hand-tied methods available.

  • 1st and foremost was the damage to the client’s hair and scalp from tension, over-direction and haphazard installs.
  • 2nd was client discomfort due to the contact of beads on the scalp and the common “clamp and crank” beading approach.
  • 3rd was the complete lack of versatility and styling options that clients wearing beaded rows experienced. Exposed beads, bonds, and braids were all a woman saw when she wore her hair up.

We don’t do fusion hair extensions. We don’t do tape-in. We don’t do wefted. There’s a reason we specialize.

Using real human hair and a hand-tied method that will let you wear your hair how you want, we believe Invisible Bead Extensions are the best kind of hair extension around today. They avoid damage and discomfort, custom-match your hair perfectly, and allow much more versatility in styling than normal methods.

Check out our Ridgefield hair extensions page for more information, or

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For many of our clients, color is a crucial part of having hair that makes them feel great. We do our research to find the best possible products for each of our hair coloring clients.

Hair Coloring from Muse Hair Design

Whether you’re after highlights, lowlights, babylights, color correction, balayage, or hair painting, we can help. We are specialists in helping our clients achieve the blonde color they’ve been wanting.

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Muse Hair Design is a hair design studio

What Our Clients Love About Muse Hair Design

With every interaction, we strive to ensure that our clients go away looking and feeling their best thanks to getting the hair they always wanted. We want to provide you with an amazing experience in our salon and good suggestions for taking care of your hair in the long run.

Here’s what some of the people we’ve worked with have to say about us.

  • Torey did an amazing job on my hair, she listened and did exactly what I asked for! Such a great salon environment and and team:) Highly recommend muse!!


  • I’ve never met a hairstylist I love as much as Torey! Not only does she exceed my vision and expectations making me feel my absolute best, she truly cares about her clients and building that relationship with them! Her studio is so cute and comfortable especially during those long appointments! I would recommend booking with Torey and getting your hair done by her any day of the week!


  • During my first consult with Torey, I shared with her that I would love to grow my hair out longer but have not because it is thin and fine. Torey immediately took on the challenge and told me she would help me grow it out. She trimmed and colored through about six months, and four weeks ago weaves in two rows of extensions. Needless to say, I am thrilled! She color matched my natural hair perfectly, and I have thick shoulder length hair for the first time in my life! I adore it, and her. I would highly recommend her!


  • Beautiful welcoming atmosphere. A fabulous place to relax and enjoy the experience. Torey did a fabulous job on my hair. I was apprehensive as I’ve been with the same stylist for 20 yrs and she retired. I was so happy with the color and cut and have made my next appointment. She is caring and relational. I would highly recommend Torey and her lovely salon!


Ridgefield Hair Design FAQ

We know there are lots of questions about hair design. Here are a few we thought could help out with! If you have any questions for us, please get in touch with us at our hair design salon near Ridgefield.

Where should I park at your hair design salon?

Street parking is readily available at our Portland location! When you’re done, ask your stylist about parking reimbursement.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, Venmo or credit cards.

May I bring guests with me to my appointment?

Due to current restrictions, at this time we are asking that only guests receiving a service be in the building.

What hair styling products do you carry?

We proudly offer the full line of Kevin Murphy products and a selection of Eleven.

What should I do if I don’t feel well the day of my appointment?

We understand that these things happen. Getting better is your priority. Please contact your stylist at the soonest opportunity to reschedule.

What is the difference between a hairstylist, hairdresser, and a hair designer?

All of these professionals take pride in giving you the look you want and advising you on how to take care of your hair – there is little difference except perhaps in the way that the stylist views themselves and the kind of results they want to provide. We call ourselves Muse Hair Design because of the collaborative and comprehensive approach we take to give you the best possible results that make you feel your best. This work is about much more than cutting hair for us. We want to be the best Ridgefield hair design salon possible.

How early should I arrive before my salon appointment?

You don’t need to be early! As a courtesy to your stylist and other customers please simply be prepared to be in the chair at the time of your appointment.

Do you give children’s haircuts?

At this time, we focus on being an adult men’s and women’s hair salon near Ridgefield.

How much do you tip a hair stylist?

Somewhere around 20% for a good experience is typical, and should be used as a guideline.

What is your appointment cancellation policy?

To avoid cancellation fees, we ask that you give a minimum 24-hour notice. Please see our cancellation policy page for more.

How long does a salon visit take?

This depends on what you need to get done. Plan to spend at least an hour with us as our hair design salon near Ridgefield. We will give you a better idea of how long to expect to be here when you call to make an appointment.

Should I bring pictures of what I’m looking for in my new hairstyle?

Pictures are very helpful so we can make sure we’re on the same page before we get started. Just bring your phone or a magazine and we’ll go from there!

Muse Hair Design is a Ridgefield Hair Design Salon

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